Mitla Archaeological Site – Oaxaca

Mitla Archaeological Site Oaxaca Mexico

Mitla – Near Oaxaca

Mitla which means ‘Underworld’ in Zapotec is the second most important archaeological site in Oaxaca is a must see for those who want to delve a little deeper into Oaxacan culture and its Zapotec roots. While Monte Álban was the most important politically, Mitla was the most important religiously, and this is reflected in the design of its buildings which were designed to be functional rather than to impress. Although perhaps not designed to impress the intricate mortar-less mosaics that cover many of the walls of the Mitla ruins are very impressive to see indeed and Mitla is the only example of its kind in Mexico. Mitla also has bright red walls which capture ones attention immediately. Mitla was inhabited by the Zapotecs until around 1000 AD when the Mixtecs took control, and Mitla continued to be inhabited until the Spanish arrived and subsequently destroyed it in 1553.

We recommend getting a guide when you visit Mitla as you get a much more animated, understandable idea of what is what than reading about it and trying to figure it out for yourself. Should you want to do some background reading however, follow this link for further information about Mitla.

To get to Mitla drive out on the motorway that heads to the Isthmus pass through Tlacolula and keep going until you get to Mitla. If you don’t have a car you can take a bus or colectivo from Oaxaca City. The journey to Mitla takes around forty-five minutes to an hour.

If you need more help in getting to Mitla via public transport then please check the forum or Facebook, we would like to keep the comments section below reserved for visitors reviews of the attraction where possible.

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A map of Mitla’s archaeological site

Mitla Archaeological Site – Oaxaca

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