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Sierra Norte Oaxaca Mexico

Sustainable tourism in Oaxaca

The biodiversity in the state of Oaxaca has been the perfect catalyst for the steady increase in ecotourism and adventure tourism. Various companies provide ecotours to the various locations of interest, principally in the mountains of the Sierra Norte (Also known as the Sierra Juarez). Many of the villages in the mountains of the Sierra Norte such as Guajimoloyas, Benito Juarez, Llano Grande etc form part of a shared community known as the “Pueblos Mancomunados”, whose ojectives are ecoloogicaly focused, principally on providing sustainable forestry, which is the principal form of income for the local economy, and many if, not all are members of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Most of the villages offer accommodation in the form of cabañas, guided walks, and biclycle rental and guided rides. Others offer additional services such as rope bridges, zip lines and miradores like those in Benito Juarez for example, other villages offer climbing and Rappelling (abseiling) too, and all make use of the natural beauty of the area, La Neveria has a waterfall for example, and there are caves at Calpulalpan and EcotourIxtlan. Prices vary between villages and it is normally possible to get discounts for groups.

In the Sierra Sur mountains on the way to the Oaxacan coast there are also places offering services geared toward ecotourism such as San Jose del Pacifico where you can enjoy cabañas, quad bike tours through the mountains and if you so choose wild mushrooms.

On the Oaxacan coast itself there are also many ecotourism options available to the tourist and both on land and in the water. Huatulco is actually a Natural Park boasting some beautiful reefs and diverse marine flora and fauna. The Oaxacan coast is also home to waterfalls, lagoons and coffee plantations which all provide thoroughly enjoyable experiences for the ecotourist.

In the Mixteca region of Oaxaca you can find the small village of Santiago Apoala which is home to a cave with an underground river, a waterfall and other attractions. Further information about individual locations or attractions can be found under the relevant menus on the other pages of this site.

Sierra Sur Mountains – Oaxaca

San José del Pacífico - Sierra Sur, Oaxaca

San José del Pacífico – Sierra Sur, Oaxaca

High in the mountains of the Sierra Sur about half way between Oaxaca City and Puerto escondidio you will find San José del Pacífico, a pretty mountain village with some restaurants and accommodation. San José del Pacífico has become increasingly popular with tourists over the years, particularly backpackers.

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Sierra Norte Mountains – Oaxaca

Benito Juárez - sierra norte - Oaxaca

Benito Juárez – Sierra Norte, Oaxaca

Benito Juárez is one of the beautiful pueblos mancomunados of the Sierra Norte. Benito Juárez is about an hour and a half drive from Oaxaca City and has many adventure tourism activities perfect for the Eco-tourist. Benito Juárez also has a few restaurants and accommodation in the form of cabañas (log wood cabins).

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Llano Grande Sierra Norte Oaxaca

Llano Grande – Sierra Norte, Oaxaca

San Isidro Llano Grande is a lovely little village in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca that forms part of the Pueblos Mancomunados (Jointly Responsible Villages). The village is on a large flat plane at the top of a mountain and surrounded by large trees. Llano Grande offers a large number of adventure tourism activities and focuses on eco-tourism.

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La Nevería Sierra Norte Oaxaca

La Nevería – Sierra Norte, Oaxaca

La Nevería is an isolated little village in Oaxaca’s Sierra Norte about two hours drive from Oaxaca City. It focuses on ecotourism and has several adventure tourism activities. Historically La Nevería made and sold ice which is where it gets its name.

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Ixtlán and ecoturixtlan Sierra Norte Oaxaca

Ixtlán – Sierra Norte, Oaxaca

Ixtlán de Júarez is a town in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca whose main income comes from forestry and agriculture. A ten minute drive from Ixtlán is an adventure tourism park by the name of Ecoturixtlán that boasts numerous outdoor activities and is home to a large cave which you can walk through.

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 Capulálpam is located in teh Sierra Norte of Oaxaca

Capulálpam – Sierra Norte, Oaxaca

Capulálpam de Méndez is known as the Pueblo Mágico (Magic Village) and is a very pretty village in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, it offers a number of adventure tourism activities with a focus on Ecotourism. There is a beautiful trout filled mountain stream, a cave and much more to see and do.

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Cuajimoloyas is located in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca

Cuajimoloyas – Sierra Norte, Oaxaca

Cuajimoloyas is one of the Pueblos Mancomunados of the Sierra Norte (AKA Sierra Júarez). It is one of the closest at only an hour and a half from Oaxaca City and it is also one of the highest at 3200 meters above sea level. At the pretty mountaintop village of Cuajimoloyas it is possible to participate in numerous adventure tourism activities.

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Santa Martha Latuvi - Sierra Norte - Oaxaca

Latuvi – Sierra Norte, Oaxaca

The Tiny Mountain village of Santa Martha Latuvi offers several adventure tourism activities and focuses on ecotourism. Latuvi is about a two hour drive from Oaxaca City and is one of the Sierra Norte’s Pueblos Mancomunados (Jointly Responsible Villages).

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A map of Oaxaca’s mountain villages that offer ecotourism and Adventure tourism

Ecotourism - Oaxaca

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San José del Pacífico – Sierra Sur: 16.170453, -96.502533
Benito Juárez - Sierra Norte: 17.112328, -96.492062
Llano Grande – Sierra Norte: 17.148090, -96.411080
La Nevería – Sierra Norte: 17.126765, -96.529334
Ixtlán – Sierra Norte: 17.328876, -96.455026
Capulálpam – Sierra Norte : 17.306475, -96.446357
Cuajimoloyas – Sierra Norte: 17.119095, -96.452365
Latuvi – Sierra Norte: 17.192209, -96.514463

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