Flora in Oaxaca

Ethnobotanical Garden Oaxaca Mexico

The Flora of Oaxaca

Mexico is a country of enormous natural wealth and has the most diverse spectrum of flora of any country in the world. Of all of the states in Mexico Oaxaca has the most diverse flora and fauna of them all, and Oaxaca is home to around 30,000 species of vegetation which accounts for 5% of the planets total plant species. Incredibly Oaxaca is home to seven of the nine types of terrestrial plants that exist on the planet, making Oaxaca’s diverse ecosystems very important. The Sierra Juarez (Sierra Norte) mountains in particular have been acknowledged as having particular importance.

The Forests of Oaxaca are of great importance and there are still large extensions of forests that exist within the state. Indeed parts of the Chimalapas jungle arestill considered to be virgin, and deserve special attention to ensure their preservation. Tree species in the forests of Oaxaca include Cedar, mahogany, oak and many more.

Some popular places to observe Oaxaca’s Flora

El Arbol del Tule - Tule Tree - Oaxaca

El Tule Tree – Oaxaca

The Tule tree is the biggest and oldest Montezuma Cypress in the world with a circumference of around 40 meters, and is an estimated 2000 plus years old. There is a Tule tree festival which is celebrated on the second Monday of October.

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Ethnobotanical garden - Oaxaca

Ethnobotanical Garden – Oaxaca

The Ethnobotanical Garden in Oaxaca is fairly unique in its concept and has proved very successful. In 1993 the Military moved out of Santo Domingo church and grounds, and the space was decided, after some petition, to be used for a ethnobotanical garden, a celebration of both ecology and culture.

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A map of places with flora of interest

Flora in Oaxaca

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El Tule tree - Oaxaca: 17.046486, -96.636214
Ethnobotanical Garden - Oaxaca: 17.065493, -96.721905

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