Natural Pools in Oaxaca

Atonaltzin Natural Swimming pool Oaxaca Mexico

Natural Swimming Pools in Oaxaca

There are quite a few natural pools in Oaxaca, many are located in the Istmo de Tehuantepec, some are well known, others less so; this is largely dependent on the physical location of the pools. Some are formed by cold water such as Arroyo Blanco, others are formed from hot sulphurous water from a thermal vent like Atonaltzin, but the one thing that they all have in common is that they are the result of some form of natural spring or nearby river.

Most of the more accessible natural pools have been used for recreational activities, and some like Laollaga have been modified explicitly for the purpose. What is important though is that all offer a refreshing, relaxing bathing experience.

Some popular natural swimming pools in Oaxaca

Laollaga natural pool is near Ixtepec in Oaxaca

Laollaga Oaxaca – A natural pool in the Isthmus

Laollaga spa (balneario Laollaga) in Oaxaca is a pool that has formed from an underground spring, and that has been adapted to accommodate bathers needs, including restaurants, changing facilities and parking. Laollaga natural spa is located in Santiago Laollaga, near Ixtepec in the Isthmus.

Ojo de agua de Tlacotepec - Isthmus, Oaxaca

Ojo de Agua de Tlacotepec Oaxaca – A natural pool in the Isthmus

Ojo de Agua de Tlacotepec in Oaxaca is a natural freshwater pool that is located in the Isthmus of Oaxaca. A few pools have been created to allow bathers to take advantage of the pure, refreshing water, and there are changing rooms, a playground for children, parking and a restaurant. The ruins of Guiengola a reasonably close and allegedly it is here that the legendary meeting between King Cocijoeza and Princess Coyolicatzin took place (follow this link to see how this meeting fits into Zapotec history.)

Atonaltzin natural swimming pool Tamazulapam - Oaxaca

Atonaltzin Oaxaca – A sulphur laden spring

Atonaltzin in Oaxaca is a natural pool that has been developed to harness the waters from a sulphur rich spring that constantly feeds them. Atonaltzin is a large natural pool with a smaller paddling pool area, gardens, roofed shaded areas, a small playground for the children, a car park and a restaurant. Atonaltzin is located in Villa de Tamazulapam del Progreso on the way to Huajuapan.

Natural swimming pool - Arroyo Blanco, Oaxaca

Arroyo Blanco Oaxaca – Dive in and enjoy the scenery

Arroyo Blanco is a natural pool that is formed from the Rio Valle Nacional river, it has refreshing clear water and basic facilities. It is locate at San Juan Bautista Valle Nacional.

Natural swimming pool - Zulzul, Oaxaca Mexico

Zulzul Oaxaca – Peaceful, safe and fun

The Zulzul natural pool is set in idyllic surroundings with excellent services for its visitors. It has changing rooms, showers, security, a lifeguard, a restaurant, parking and for visitors who want to stay a bit longer furnished cabañas (wooden huts). Zulzul is formed from a spring and is surrounded by picturesque parkland. It is located in Vega del Sol near San Juan Bautista Valle Nacional, off the motorway towards Tuxtepec.

A map of the natural swimming pools in Oaxaca

Natural Swimming Pools Oaxaca

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Laollaga Natural Pool - Oaxaca: 16.582833, -95.209338
Natural swimming pool Ojo de Agua de Tlacotepec - Oaxaca : 16.534971, -95.201125
Natural swimming pool Atonaltzin - Oaxaca : 17.685824, -97.565171
Natural swimming pool Arroyo Blanco - Oaxaca : 17.770593, -96.309414
Natural swimming pool Zulzul - Oaxaca : 17.812355, -96.220751

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