Waterfalls in Oaxaca

Hierve el Agua waterfall Oaxaca Mexico

Oaxaca’s Waterfalls

In the many mountain ranges of Oaxaca there exists a large quantity of waterfalls that contribute to the immense natural beauty of the state. Many of these waterfalls also form part of the local myths and folklore that are indigenous to each of the villages. From the cloudy forests of the Sierras that surround the Capital to the tropical topography that surrounds the Oaxacan coastline, these natural beauties are far too numerous to include in their totality. Some of the more popular ones are listed here on the site.

Waterfalls of Interest in Oaxaca

Hierve el agua is a petrified waterfall in Oaxaca - Mexico

Hierve el agua – Oaxaca

Hierve el agua is a waterfall with a difference; the spectacular waterfall appearance is actually given by calcium carbonate deposits that have accumulated over thousands of years. Hierve el Agua was also a sacred spot for the ancient Zapotecs and the source of an ancient irrigation system. Hierve el Agua is considered by most to be a must see when visiting Oaxaca.

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Apoala waterfall in Oaxaca

Apoala Waterfall – Oaxaca

The magnificent Apoala waterfall is formed by the Yutatnoho River and takes the name Cola del Serpiente (snake’s tale). Apoala waterfall is located 2 km hike from the village. As well as the waterfall there are also lots of other interesting outdoor pursuits that you can participate in.

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La Guacamaya waterfall - Oaxaca

La Guacamaya Waterfall – Oaxaca

La Guacamaya is a spectacular waterfall surrounded by pristine woodland and is surprisingly near to Oaxaca. La Guacamaya is located fewer than 10 miles outside Etla making a perfectly feasible day trip to visit the waterfall and also to take advantage of some of the other facilities available from La Guacamaya which has recently launched as an Ecotourism centre.

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La Esmeralda Waterfall - Oaxaca

La Esmeralda Waterfall – Oaxaca

La Esmeralda waterfall is formed by the Esmeralda River and is around 100 meters high. La Esmeralda is located near the town of Santiago Yosondúa, about 4 hours drive from Oaxaca City.

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Las Regaderas waterfall - Oaxaca

Las Regaderas Waterfall – Oaxaca

Las Regaderas or ‘The Showers’ waterfall is a beautiful waterfall near the town of Huautla de Jiménez. The waterfall is about 40 meters high and set against lush green vegetation and has the appearance of a giant shower. Las Regaderas are about a five hour drive from Oaxaca City.

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A map of the waterfalls in Oaxaca

Waterfalls in Oaxaca

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Hierve el Agua Waterfall - Oaxaca: 16.865498, -96.276369
Apoala Waterfall - Oaxaca: 17.649383, -97.137413
La Guacamaya waterfall - Oaxaca: 17.243726, -96.711220
La Esmeralda waterfall - Oaxaca: 16.891945, -97.540054
Las Regaderas Waterfall - Oaxaca: 18.156266, -96.852314

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