Hierve el agua – Oaxaca

Hierve el Agua waterfall Oaxaca Mexico

Hierve el Agua is a Petrified waterfall near Oaxaca

Hierve el Agua is a must see if you are visiting Oaxaca, this stunning rock formation that has the appearance of a waterfall is the result of thousands of years of Calcium Carbonate deposits from two independent springs. The calcified water of Hierve el Agua ‘boils’ to the surface due to hydraulic pressure within the rocks, and nowadays is now channelled into two man-made pools where it is possible to swim.

Hierve el Agua is not just a picturesque natural spring however; it is also of cultural importance as it is thought to have been a scared site for the ancient Zapotecs who probably marvelled at this water bubbling out of the ground in what is essentially a very arid area. Hierve el Agua is also home to an ancient irrigation system dating back 2500 years and the only one of its kind in Mexico.

Hierve el Agua provides various services for its visitors like restaurants, changing rooms, and accommodation, some of which are next to Hierve el Agua itself while others are a short distance away.

In years gone by there has been some troubles accessing Hierve el Agua due to a dispute between the villages of San Lorenzo and San Isidro, and on occassion it has been necessary to pay a toll in order to gain access to Hierve el Agua. There is an alternative route through Xaagá, but this is a more roundabout route. While it is possible to get to Hierve el Agua using public transport it can be a bit long-winded and uncomfortable, the best way is really to go by car or take a tour.

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Hierve el Agua Waterfall - Oaxaca

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