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Mitla –Near Oaxaca

San Pablo Villa de Mitla is famous for three things, its ruins, its cotton textiles, and Mezcal. The ruins are the second most important in Oaxaca state and are discussed in more depth in our section on ‘archaeological zones’. The Mitla ruins are located in the centre next to the church which is actually built on top of a Zapotec ruin itself.

Many of the old colonial buildings in Mitla’s centre are used as textile and embroidery workshops where artisans sell their wares. Most of the textiles are cotton with colourful embroidered patterns, and a large proportion of the textiles produced are in the form of clothes typical of the region, tablecloths and Curtains. The plain white all cotton cloth that Mitla’s artisans produce is known locally as ‘manta’ and is an incredibly fresh feeling material, if you don’t tolerate Oaxaca’s heat well you should consider investing in some of this clothing. More information about the textiles and embroidery from Mitla is available on our site under the ‘textiles’ section.
There is a large artisan market next to the coach park just to the side of Mitla’s ruins where there are many stalls selling the local textiles, and there is also a smaller handicraft market selling a slightly broader range of goods directly outside the entrance to Mitla’s ruins; however the products on these stalls are not all from Mitla.

Mitla’s surrounding areas are also large Mezcal producing areas the most famous being the nearby village of Matatlán. To read more about more about mezcal why not visit the page we have about mezcal?

A trip to Mitla is a must, there are no ruins quite like them in Oaxaca, and the local textiles are beautiful, Mitla is located about forty-five minutes to an hours’ drive from Oaxaca City.

If you don’t have a car there are many tours that go to Mitla or you can easily get the bus or a colectivo.
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Mitla - Near Oaxaca

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