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Atole in all its forms

Atole is a traditional Mexican drink which is principally maize with a bit of sugar (or pinole – a natural sweetener made from a combination of ingredients ground together), cinnamon and vanilla. There are various atole recipes which dramatically change the texture and taste of the drink. Atole is generally served as piping hot syrup like beverage and you should be very careful not to burn your tongue as it takes a long time for atole to cool down. Atole in its standard form is prepared with water though a slightly sweeter, some might say, tastier variation exists which is prepared with milk ‘Atole de Leche . There is also champurrado which is the same atole based drink but with the addition of chocolate which it whisked thoroughly into the atole until it gains a frothy texture. There is also chocolateatloe which is similar to champurrado but lighter and only uses the froth from the chocolate mix giving it the slight appearance of a cappuccino.

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