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Chocolate Oaxaca – Hot chocolate never tasted so good!

The most popular way to enjoy Oaxaca’s chocolate is definitely a piping hot cup of hot chocolate, preferably with some ‘pan de yema (aka ‘pan de muertos’)’ bread. Oaxacan hot chocolate is either prepared with water or with milk which is slightly sweeter. The chocolate is whisked into a hot froth using a utensil called a molinillo or if one isn’t too concerned about tradition and is feeling a bit lazy a blender will do nicely!

Chocolate has been drunk in Oaxaca since pre-Hispanic times and was the first manufactured product to be exported from Mexico thanks to the Spanish. Chocolate has also been of significant social importance until relatively recently among the higher social classes of Oaxaca, who used it in much the same way that the English used to use afternoon tea.

There are of course more uses for chocolate than just drinking chocolate and chocolate even finds itself into mole negro Oaxaca’s most famous dish. Should you want to buy some chocolate to cook with or to make hot chocolate with, there are numerous chocolate shops (molionos) where they grind cacao beans into chocolate dotted around the city, especially in the centro historico area of Oaxaca.

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