Flavored Water and Nieves – Oaxaca

Flavored Water and Nieves Oaxaca Mexico

Nieves in Oaxaca – The perfect thing to cool you down

All around the Basilica de la Solidad are stalls selling nieves, a kind of traditional Oaxacan ice cream. Nieves are available in a plethora of flavours thanks to the large range of locally grown produce. If you are new to Oaxaca it is very possible that you haven’t heard of many of these but go ahead and try them you won’t be disappointed, the ‘tuna’ flavour is made from a cactus fruit and is particularly good (Don’t panic there isn’t any fish in it!). Nieves are generally divided into two groups, milk based and water based, however, there are a few flavours that can be made either way so you see them on the menu board twice.

Water has never tasted so good!

Flavoured waters can be found in nearly every market in Oaxaca and also in some stalls and shops as well. These brilliantly refreshing waters are non-alcoholic drinks which come in an enormous variety of flavours, from citric fruits to the extraordinarily tasty horchata (a rice based drink that is served with melon and walnut!). Some of the more popular flavours include Jamaica (Hibiscus flower), orange, lemon etc. The waters are served cold and generally sweetened to taste. It is also possible to try more exotic flavours like chilacayote (a pumpkin like fruit that produces a dark coloured drink with a very distinctive flavour) or to mix fruits together.

Flavoured waters have a special role on Samaritan day Dia de la Semaritana (which commemorates the day that Jesus asked a woman for water) because on that day in Oaxaca it is tradition to give away flavoured water.

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