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Grasshoppers Oaxaca Mexico

Oaxaca’s Grasshoppers – What! You eat them!

That’s right folks, in Oaxaca grasshoppers or chapulines are an everyday food. They are either eaten by themselves with salt and lime or they are put in sandwhiches and cobs (tortas) or anything else that you fancy. The grasshoppers are cooked with garlic, lime juice, salt and sometimes chili and Oaxacan folklore says that if you eat grasshoppers, at some point you will return to Oaxaca; so eating some grasshoppers shouldn’t really be a hardship. Grasshoppers aren’t to everybody’s tastes however, even among native Oaxacans, so the only way to decide on which side of the fence you sit is to try them.

Grasshoppers are generally sorted into sizes before they are sold as the tiny grasshoppers have a slightly different texture and flavour to that of the larger grasshoppers; you can buy grasshoppers at all of the local markets in Oaxaca.

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