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Oaxacan Cuisine – It’s world famous for a reason

There are many famous Mexican dishes and Oaxacan dishes like ‘mole negro’ and Tlayudas are among just a few that help represent Oaxaca’s contribution to the national gastronomy. The most famous Oaxacan dish is mole. There are seven moles but by far the most famous of the seven is mole negro which has more ingredients than you can count on your fingers and toes.

Oaxacan cuisine is also famous for its delicious antojitos (snacks – sometimes termed street food) which are mostly tortilla based or use the tortilla dough deep fried. These are nearly always accompanied by guacamole and chili sauce to taste. Examples of these culinary delights are listed below, but be warned, upon reading you WILL feel hungry!

These fabulous antojitos are jokingly grouped together by Mexicans under the term Vitamin T: tacos, tlayudas, tortas, tostadas, etc

Happy Eating! (¡Provecho!)

Tamales Food Oaxaca Mexico


Tamales aren’t strictly a Oaxacan dish but they are a dish that visitors to Oaxaca might not be familiar with and they are very popular in Oaxaca so they have been included here. Also mole negro tamales which are very popular in Oaxaca are both delicious, and unique to Oaxaca state.

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Mole Oaxaca Mexico


Mole is without a doubt Oaxaca’s official dish and comes in seven different varieties of which the clear favourite is mole negro. Mole as well as being a dish by itself is also used in other dishes like, tamales and enmoladas. Mole is also the standard party dish in the villages surrounding Oaxaca.

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Barbacoa Oaxaca Mexico


Barbacoa (Barbeque – though not as we know it!) is a dish that is prepared all over Oaxaca, and indeed Mexico, although not restricted to Oaxaca; Oaxaca’s spin on this dish and in particular the goat barbacoa from Tlacolula de Matamoros deserves mention. This delicious dish is cooked using traditional cooking techniques.

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Tlayudas Oaxaca Mexico


Tlayudas are a mouth-wateringly tasty dish that is endemic to Oaxaca. If you visit Oaxaca you must try one, there really isn’t anything quite like them. Tlayudas are available all over the state from both restaurants of all price ranges and from street vendors. Tlayudas can vary a lot in their preparation but they are all excellent.

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Antojitos Oaxaca Mexico


Antojios are sometimes refered to as Street food because these are the kind of snack dishes that the Street vendors sell. Generally antojitos falls into the ‘vitamin T’ category, tacos, tortas, tostadas etc. Antojitos are incredibly tasty dishes which are a pleasure to eat but that will cost you some time in the gym afterwards. Although high in fat, if you are visiting Oaxaca you have to try these as this is the best food Oaxaca has to offer! There are several antojitos that you will commonly see in Oaxaca described on the next page.

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