Tlayudas – Oaxacan Cuisine

Tlayudas Oaxaca Mexico

Tlayudas – Oaxacan Cuisine

Tlayudas are unique to Oaxaca and one of its most popular dishes. Tlayuda is actually the name that is given to the large maize tortilla, but normally when ordering a tlayuda from a street vendor or ordering one in a restaurant, the word tlayuda is used to describe a tlayuda that has been prepared with other ingredients and is ready to eat. Tlayudas can be sold without meat (sencillas), or with pork (cecina), beef (res), spicy sausage (chorizo), or sometimes with other more extravagant ingredients. The basic ingredients can vary but generally a Tlayuda is prepared with lettuce, tomato, refried beans, avocado, cheese (queso or quesillo) and then guacamole, and chili sauce are added to taste.

In some of the more expensive establishments your Tlayuda might come with chepiches (an aromatic herb), a grilled Chile, grilled spring onions, guaches (the seeds of the guache tree), and radishes.

Tlayudas are normally served folded over but some establishments serve them open like a pizza, which some may argue alters the flavour slightly, so make the sacrifice and try both types!

As a word of warning for vegetarians the Tlayuda is normally (for lack of a better word) buttered with pork dripping (asiento) even if you ask for one without meat, so make sure you ask for one without dripping (si n asiento).

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