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Oaxacan Pottery

Pottery in Oaxaca comes in different colours and forms and is both decorative and practical. The black pottery of San Bartolo is nearly all decorative whereas the green glazed tiles and dishes of Atzompa are as practical as they are pretty.

Atzompa – Near Oaxaca

Pottery from Atzompa has a shiny green glaze that is unique in Oaxaca making it very easy to identify. Around 90% of the population are involved in pottery making and each individual has their own style. The glazed green tiles and domestic pottery items have been a concern for lead contamination because the traditional glaze contained lead. There are however lead free pieces available now so it is worth asking. The pottery at Atzompa tends to be very practical, the green coloured pieces at least. There are other pieces which use a translucent glaze with painted multi-coloured decoration painted on top. This translucent pottery glaze is lead free. Follow this link if you would like some further information about the pottery from Atzompa, Oaxaca.

San Marcos Tlapazola

The talented ladies of San Marcos Tlapazola near Tlacolula, Oaxaca, make a brilliant pottery pieces for domestic use like jugs, dishes, bowls etc. The pottery from San Marcos Tlapazola has a deep red colour making it very distinctive. The pottery from San Marcos Tlapazola is sold in local markets as well as further afield but the tradition is being lost as little by little as the village loses market to cheaper mass produced alternatives in ceramic and plastic.

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