Metalwork – Oaxaca

Metalwork Oaxaca Mexico

Oaxacan Metal Work

Metal work in Oaxaca takes on many different forms, from the goldsmiths and the silversmith to the decorative tin work of Oaxacan artisans. In Oaxaca there are also many jewellery makers and in Ocotlan it is possible to find beautiful had crafted cutlery and knifes.

tinwork artisans Oaxaca Mexico


In Oaxaca City centre you will see a lot of tinwork in the form of mirrors, curiously shaped 3D animal impressions, and many other curiosities that you can peruse through and perhaps find a souvenir. These brightly coloured tinworks are made from pressed tin sheets, that are painted different colours. The bright colours and the reflective properties of the tin make these attractive, interesting artisans.

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knife making in Oaxaca Mexico

Knives and Cutlery

Knife making is nothing new to Oaxaca, the trade originally began back in the colonial days when there was much demand for swords, knives and machetes. Oaxaca now boasts some of the best quality knives and cutlery in Mexico, with decorative ornate designs which are carefully crafted by the highly skilled artisans of Tlaxiaco and Ocotlán.

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Jewellery Oaxaca Mexico


Oaxacan jewellery is heavily influenced by the jewellery discovered at Monte Álban though this broad statement would be untrue for many Oaxaca Jewellery makers whose artistic styles are very different, personal, and pioneering. As you might imagine with a cultural background as rich as Oaxaca’s there is a large variety of styles of jewellery available.

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forged Iron Oaxaca Mexico

Forged Iron

Forged Iron as in most places isn’t common nowadays. The simple truth is that forged iron is expensive wherever you go, the raw material is costly and the work hard, precise and time consuming. That aside in Oaxaca it is possible to see some remarkable forged iron pieces, and whilst you might not be able to take any of it back with you, would it hurt to take a look at these craftsmen at work?

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