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knives and Cutlery Oaxaca

knives and Cutlery from Oaxaca

The main producers of forged knives and cutlery are Ocotlán and Tlaxiaco where it is possible to see the production of these shiny bladed masterpieces. The master artisans that create these intricate designs are part of a lineage in Oaxaca that dates back to colonial times when sword, knife and machete production was in high demand. Nowadays most knife and cutlery production takes place in Ocotlán and Tlaxicao and has focus on producing decorative, artistic pieces. While there is unlikely to any problem taking a set of cutlery back with you, it might be worth checking if you are going to get into trouble before putting a sword in your suitcase, people tend to think the worst nowadays. At Tlaxiaco aside from cutlery and knives the knife-makers also make lead miniatures.

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