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Textiles Oaxaca Mexico

Oaxacan Textiles – Where art and tradition collide

Textiles in Oaxaca take many forms and a visit to the Oaxacan Textile Museum (Museo Textil de Oaxaca) in the centro Historico of Oaxaca will surely enlighten any visitor to this. Currently, of all the textiles in Oaxaca the most significant ones are the hand-woven rugs of Teotitlan del Valle and Santa Ana del Valle, the embroidery of the traditional regional dresses from all around the state, and the cotton woven table cloths and curtains in Mitla.

Rugs from Teotitlan del Vall and Santa Ana del Valle Oaxaca Mexico

Woollen Rugs

Oaxacan rugs are renowned for their high quality, natural dyes and cultural designs. The two principal villages in Oaxaca that produce wool rugs are Teotitlán del Valle & Santa Ana Del Valle both of which are close to Tlacolula, Oaxaca. Teotitlán tends to be more heavily visited by tourists probably due to it being slightly closer to Oaxaca. In both villages it is possible to see a live demonstration of rugs being woven.

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Embroidery Oaxaca Mexico

Cotton & Embroidery

There is a great diversity of textiles in Oaxaca, many of which are made from hand spun cotton. Examples of these colourful textiles can be seen in the markets all over Oaxaca. The textiles themselves are woven in the villages that surround Oaxaca and come in the form of shirts, trousers, blouses etc. Many of the cotton textiles from Oaxaca are produced at Mitla, and there is a large selection on display at Mitla market.

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Traditional dresses Oaxaca Mexico

Traditional Dress

Each of the eight regions of Oaxaca (previously 7), has its own regional dress that distinguishes that region resulting in Oaxaca having an above average diversity in its regional dress. There are also variations between the traditional dress of one village in an area and another village in the same area. The most famous piece of Oaxaca traditional dress is the huipil which comes in many different forms.

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Textiles - Oaxaca

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