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Wool rugs Oaxaca Mexico

Woollen Rugs from Teotitlán del Valle & Santa Ana Del Valle, Oaxaca

The beautiful woollen rugs of teotitlán and Santa Ana are of Zapotec an d Mixtec designs that refelect the history of the local area. There are also rugs that depict famous paintings and others with more modern designs. The rugs are woven on pedal looms with wool brought from the Mixteca region of Oaxaca. The artisans wash, card and make the wool into yarn which they then dye the yarns for the rugs with natural dyes that they also make in house. The design for the rug is then drawn onto the threads on the loom and the weaving then begins. Weaving a rug on a pedal loom is a slow process and it can take up to several months to complete a standard size rug if it has a complex design.

A very good explanation of the dying processes and a useful option to avoid taking up all of your luggage space if you live in the UK is given by The Mexican Rug Company.

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El Tono de la Cochinilla Teotitlan Oaxaca Mexico

El Tono de la Cochinilla

El Tono de la Cochinilla is a famly homestead in Teotitlán del Valle, where for four generations we have been maintaining a rich tradition of weaving 100% woollen rugs.

Find out more about El Tono de la Cochinilla

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