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El Tono de La Cochinilla Oaxaca

El Tono de la Cochinilla Hand-woven Rugs

Weaving in Teotitlan de Valle is intimately tied to the family unit, where everyone participates in the production process. Women card and spin the wool by hand into the fine diameter yarn, while traditionally, men do the weaving. Children learn the intricate processes under their tutelage of their parents and grandparents, who create the designs and dyes for the unique look that distinguishes a particular family’s work.

Among the premier weavers of Teotitlan you will find my grandfather, Isaac Vasquez who, in collaboration with the famous Oaxacan painters Francisco Toledo and Rufino Tamayo, brought back the old techniques of extracting dyes from natural materials. The intense reds, subtle pinks and purples obtained from cochineal and the range of blues from the indigo plant contributed to Isaac Vasquez’ artistic legacy in Teotitlan, and transformed his weavings into works of art.

My father, Antonio Martinez, is another master weaver in Teotitlan. With his wife Estela (daughter of Isaac Vasquez), Antonio revived the antique designs of México, rendering them in a range of brilliant colors that he and Estela created

The Martinez Vasquez family, including Antonio and Estela, their two sons Antonio and Juan, two daughters-in-law, and me, Rosario, with my husband Ernesto, is one of a handful of families weaving in the tradition of our ancestors.

All of our wool is hand spun and colored with dyes produced from fruits, nuts, plants, and insects that have been gathered in the surrounding countryside. Many of these materials are seasonal and are stockpiled to be used throughout the year. The weaving process in itself will take anywhere between 3-5 weeks on the loom depending on the size and complexity of the design.

Today, our weavings receive international recognition for their quality, beauty, and the use of natural materials. We have preserved our ancient traditions, and our work is truly a representation of who we are.

Tel: 951-166-6172

El Tono de La Cochinilla,
Av. Juarez # 198 km 2.5,
Teotitlan de Valle,
C.P. 70420

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El Tono de la Cochinilla

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El Tono de la Cochinilla 17.013926, -96.521158 El Tono de la Cochinilla

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