Banks and Financial in Oaxaca

Banks and Financial Oaxaca Mexico

Banks and Financial Services in Oaxaca

Banks and Cashpoints Oaxaca Mexico

Banks and Cashpoints

In Oaxaca City there is no problem to find a cashpoint or a bank where you can withdraw cash, In the smaller villages banking services are generally not available so you may want to plan ahead when going to the more remote areas of Oaxaca; also getting change can be difficult (especially in remote areas), so you may want to try and break any large notes before going too far afield if possible.

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Currency Exchange Oaxaca Mexico

Casas de Cambio (Currency Exchange)

Currency exchange is pretty easy in Oaxaca City and the larger coastal towns but is not available at all in Oaxaca’s remoter areas so make sure you have enough cash in small denominations before heading up into the small mountain villages for example. Some companies that offer currency exchange are listed on the next page.

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