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Spanish 4 You - Online Spanish Classes

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Spanish 4 You - Online Spanish Classes

Spanish 4 You – Online Spanish Classes

Spanish 4 You offers Spanish classes with native teachers who also speak your language from the comfort of your home. Study from anywhere in the world via your laptop or tablet via professional virtual classroom software with fully integrated audio virtual technologies that makes it feel as if you were in the same room as the teacher.

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Xcanda Spanish School Oaxaca Mexico

Xcanda Spanish School in Oaxaca City

Xcanda Spanish School offers a variety of services to make your language learning experience more than just school, you will be immersed in Mexican culture, you will be encouraged to actively practice what you are learning on people outside of class. More than this we offer classes to all ages so you can make learning an experience for all of the family; we also offer classes customisable to your needs, so the course can be as intense or as paced as you decide.

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Language classes in Oaxaca

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Xcanda Spanish school: 17.067369, -96.717303
Spanish 4 You: 52.835842, -1.525748
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Xcanda Spanish school

Telephone: 515 9899  Address:Hidalgo No.104,Jalatlaco (Near the church)

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Spanish 4 You

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