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Health - Oaxaca Mexcio

Health Services in Oaxaca

Pharmacies Oaxaca Mexico


Pharmacies are very common in Oaxaca and it really isn’t that hard to find somewhere to buy medicine, and nearly all the supermarkets have a pharmacy too. On the next page is a map of the location of some of the pharmacies in Oaxaca.

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Doctors Oaxaca Mexico


There are many doctors in Oaxaca that you can see, should you be unfortunate to fall ill on your trip to Oaxaca. Many doctors also speak English. On the next page you can find the details of some of the doctors who can help you in Oaxaca.

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Hospitals Oaxaca Mexico


There are a number of hospitals in Oaxaca should you be in the unfortunate position to need emergency treatment whilst in Oaxaca. Some of the major hospitals are shown on a map on the next page.

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Health Food & Natural Medicine Oaxaca

Health Food & Natural Medicine

There are a number of companies that provide organic and health food options in Oaxaca; there are also a number of homoeopathic doctors that can take care of your medical needs.

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