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Services in Oaxaca Mexico

Other Services In Oaxaca That Might Come In Useful

Laundrettes in Oaxaca Mexico


If you have run out of clean clothes and don’t fancy washing them in the sink, then the next page will interest you. Find out where you can get your clothes washed and dried without lifting a finger (after all you are on holiday!)

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Post Offices Oaxaca Mexico

Post Offices

There is a surprisingly small number of post boxes around Oaxaca but don’t fret the next page will show you where you can go to mail your postcards.

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Tourist Information Oaxaca Mexico

Tourist Information Booths and Some Useful Telephone Numbers

There are a few tourist information centers dotted around Oaxaca, have a look at the next page to see where you can find them.

Find out more about the location of Oaxaca’s tourist information booths

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