Tamales – Oaxaca

Tamales - Oaxaca Mexico

Tamales, tamales, tamales!

The tamale is not a Oaxacan dish it is a Mesoamerican dish that dates back up to 8000 years BC and was used as a portable source of food for the armies and hunters of the pre-Hispanic cultures. Tamales are very popular in Oaxaca however and you will see a lot of them so we have included this entry. Also the mole negro tamale is 100% Oaxacan, though it is cooked in banana leaves rather than maize corn husks.

Tamales are normally served with chili sauce to taste and come in lots of varieties, pretty much anything that you can roll up in maize dough and steam. While you are in Oaxaca you must try at least one variety of Tamale and we recommend the mole negro tamale.

Follow this link for further information about tamales.

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